1998 Notre Dame Student Film Festival

9th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Friday, Saturday, Monday Jan. 23-24-26, 1998
7:30 and 9:45 pm (9:45 only on Monday)

Daniel P. Sternan IV
dir. Jeff Spoonhower and Ken O'Keefe
A searing black comedy about the goals and motivations of a cutthroat business student. (5:07) SFF1998

Orpheus In Indiana
dir. Joey Crawford and Alex Scheidler
The old Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice's tragic love re-packaged and squeezed into midwest America circa '97.(13:45) SFF1998

A Guy, A Gun, and a Dog
dir. Kristen Doyle and Nick Kapranos
Two student directors suddenly revise the script in the middle of their film about a feuding romance when the female actress turns "bitchy". (4:23) SFF1998

Last Laugh 
dir. Ann Goodwin, Nick Kapranos, Jennifer Porst
A decidedly wicked moment in the future when "fun", as we know it, is entirely outlawed and severely punished. Easter Bunnies, Tooth Fairies, Santa Claus and other silly confections are rounded up and eliminated.(7:01) SFF1998

Pet Warefare
dir. Denis Hurley and Brian Fremeau
An absurd future civilization, where the human capacity to empathize has been eliminated because of the absence of all household pets, reinvents creativity through massive infusions of crayons, puppets, pendulums and TV programs.(8:22) SFF1998

The Hat
dir. Megan McCormick and Ryan Lutterbach
Nothing can go wrong for the guy who finds a lucky hat in the middle of the road. (4:01) SFF1998

Making Omelettes 
dir. Joan Sullivan
While cooking in her kitchen, a scorned lover waits for a special package to arrive at her ex-boyfriend's door. (4:21) SFF1998

3 Seconds Into The Future
dir. Max Tersch and Gina Vecchione
A mind- boggling experimental journey into a futuristic fish tank. (3:30) SFF1998

dir. Margaret Ruffing and Andrew Philip
An African-American artist wanders upon a kid's watermelon race in the middle of a park. (2:50) SFF1998

Three Part Invention
dir. Andrew Philip and Megan McCormick
Simple and elegant, it can't be described in words. This work is about dreams and the paradoxical ways they're visually recalled. (5:14) SFF1998

dir. Ann Vales and Denis Hurley
The tables are turned on a low-life peeping Tom when he's caught in the act.(3:40) SFF1998

dir. Scott Baker and Christie Criscuolo
Filled only with dancing text, a delightful poem turns into a video greeting card. (2:53) SFF1998

The Moni-Epiphany of Brent McGovern
dir. Shakti Sagar and Ann Vales
By exploring the consciousness of a sleazy on-camera television reporter, we find out if a guy who spends all his waking hours producing "reality" TV stories about women who toss their husbands out in order to live with their favorite pet pig, ever know or do the right thing?(4:46) SFF1998

dir. Brian Fremeau and Shakti Sagar
A lonely woman teaches a small child the subtle nuances of feeding bread crumbs to the ducks.(3:15) SFF1998

Soa Watch/Midwest Assistance Dogs
dir. Lydia Antonini and M-K Kennedy, Brent DiCrescenzo and Jim McNamee
Two visually compelling public service announcements for non-profit organizations.(2:00) SFF1998

Circuit Breaker
dir. Mike Kogge and Mia Montegna
Man and machine merge in this formal take on assembly lines, the working class, and oppressive government. (5:13)SFF1998

Chapter Four pp.76-82
dir. Joan Sullivan
It's hard to study in the library when the couple at the next table won't shut up! (2:58) SFF1998

Bad Day
dir. Ryan Lutterbach and Margaret Ruffing
A day in the life of an 8 year old girl - a day which starts with an unconscious, rude act which ricochets through several peoples' lives and comes home to roost at the end of the day with her father, whom she shoots with a stick.(4:36) SFF1998