2000 Notre Dame Student Film Festival

11th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Friday, Saturday, Monday Jan. 28-29-31, 2000
7:30 and 9:45 pm

Late One Night 
dir. Diego Ros and Kelly McGann
A beautifully made narrative about the working homeless -- those who earn a living just small enough to provide either food, or shelter, but not both. What happens when one such person approaches a student on the street and asks to take a shower in his apartment? (12:26) SFF2000

The Dieing Soldier
dir. Sam Dobie and Claire Connelly
Taking up death in the cinema, soldier exploits the WWII movie's classic, patrol-separated-from-its-company scene to make a profound statement about violence in the cinema. (6:45) SFF2000

Rollerskating Romance
dir. Christy Smith and Jamie Berzai
A sweet and funny inside look into the "complex" social lives of the youthful note-writing, hand-holding, "hormones on wheels" at a midwest roller skating rink. (10:28) SFF2000

Strong Sexual Content
dir. Sean Daily and Ken O'Keefe
Four movie sex scenes with a difference. Here eyes, lips, bodies are replaced with frank, sometimes difficult, sometimes funny sex talk. Winner in the experimental film category of the Athens International Film and Video Festival. (10:44) SFF2000

United: Early Poem
dir. Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece
The director's filmic poem about the color red -- her red hair, her depressed mother in a red bathrobe, red shoes, and fire, and how, at age 17, with just words, she turned them all blue.(6:02) SFF2000

Peace, Democracy, and the 20TH Century: GOV498
dir. Denis Hurley and Brian Fremeau
A wondrous tale of how four ex-cons almost save the world from nuclear disaster, corporate greed, poverty, crime, disease and everything else.(13:13) SFF2000

Free: Short-Haired, Male, Neutered
dir. Jonathan Adler and Tony Fonseca
Very funny, very black and quite shocking...an allegory about the lives of pets --and a nightmare of sorts about humans as pets. (7:35) SFF2000

Good Times: Florida Evans Showband and Revue
dir. Andrew Philip and Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece
A giddy and rockin' comic book music video from the local campus based band.(4:06) SFF2000

Rewriting History: The Conquest of Aids
dir. Claire Connelly and Sam Dobie
A biting, straight forward history of what could have happened to the AIDS virus had things been different.(9:10) SFF2000

Search Pause Play Record
dir.Matthew King and Brian Fremeau
Quirky voyeurs stroll through a department store electronics department, caught up in a tangential romance.(6:12) SFF2000

Hack and Grind
dir. Meredith Watt and Sean Daily
Meat and mundane, a formal comment on our daily eating habits. You'll never look at meatloaf the same again.(9:35) SFF200

Transit Ion
dir. Revere LaNoue
Scanning the transportation portals of the country, an experimental video poem on our faceless rat race.(3:57) SFF2000

A Woman's Guide To the Penis
dir. Meredith Watt and Matthew King
A blunt, in-your-face, look at the male anatomy accompanies honest commentary about how males perceive their bodies.(8:36) SFF2000

Hand in Claw
dir. Ken O'Keefe and Jenn Breslow
The sad life of the crawfish is peeled back in this witty tongue-in-cheek look into a crawfish bake. (6:36)SFF2000

Late Show at The Factory 
dir. Stuart Smith and Diego Ros
The late night talk show forum is the setting for a critical look at the policies of the government and the university. (18:35) SFF2000