2010 Notre Dame Student Film Festival

21st Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

January 21, 22, 23, 2010
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

The Notre Dame Student Film Festival turns 21 this year, a campus tradition unlike any other, with screenings each night at 6:30pm and 9:30pm. Tickets are $3 for Notre Dame students, $5 for Notre Dame faculty and staff and $6 for the general public, and can be purchased online at performingarts.nd.edu or in advance at the Performing Arts Center Box Office, 574-631-2800.

The Notre Dame Student Film Festival features short student films, made as class projects during the past year by undergraduate students studying the art of filmmaking in advanced, intermediate, and Introductory film and video production courses taught in the FTT department. All of the films were shot on location, some in the South Bend area, but others from northern California to Orlando, Florida. Local Michiana residents, fellow students, and ND faculty loaned their acting skills to the projects which range from 3 to 15 minutes in length. From dark comedy to documentary, the films cover a wide range of genres.

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Featured Films (approx running time 115 minutes)

Eyes To The Sky (10:45)

John Meehan, Mary Shannon Laughlin
A UFO spotting on a midwest farm prompts a "scientific" investigation from a friendly foursome of civilian UFO sleuths. 

The Hospital Ward (4:00)

Joe Gleason, Krissy Estrada
Play imitates life in this graceful tale of a WWII soldier, a nurse, and the family back home. 

Artzainak: Shepherds and Sheep (17:06)

Javi Zubizaretta, Jacob Griswold
High up in the mountains of Idaho, immigrants earn their wages in solitude as the quiet caretakers of thousands of serene sheep.

(Non)fiction (6:42)

Dan Moore, Michelle Notardonato
A lonely scribe struggles with his words, especially when they come back to haunt him. 

Delegation (12:10)

Patrick Berry, Bob Greenfield
Singing and dancing from Illinois to Nashville, a high school showchoir hopes to bring home the national crown.  **6:30 p.m. show only.

The Rich Weirdoes (11:31)

Ryan Geldermann, Kate Arnold
A group of social outcasts find their niche in Orlando, FL as one of a handful of troupes still keeping alive the tradition of the ’70s midnight classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. **9:30 p.m. show only.

Little Shadow (3:14)

Javi Zubizaretta, Lora O’Shaughnessy
A Basque poem of love and torment comes to agonizing life in the cell of a tortured prisoner. 

Sitters (17:47)

Mikalyn Steinbrueck, Zhibin Dai
In northern California, two peaceful protesters set up residence in the branches of a towering redwood in an attempt to save the tree and its surroundings from corporate clearcutters. 

Mr. Bundy (5:21)

Hank Voge, Michelle Carlisle
Cheaters never prosper…and sometimes it’s worse. 

Subtext (3:16)

Aeden Fortes, Viviana Kim
Did you ever wonder what she really meant when she said that? Now you know. 

Trunk (8:18)

Alex Wheeler, Mark Lyons
In Portland, Oregon a zookeeper bonds with his elephant in a most artistic way.  Winner of 2010 U.S. International Film and Video Festival Student Award.

Tower Two (4:15)

Paul Dechant, Marie Wicht
A couple can’t connect at a fateful moment that wiped away so many dreams. 

Fr. Chris’s Candles (12:30)

Dan Milan, Michael Augsberger, Chase Malloy
Amidst the shadow of immigration raids, Fr. Chris Cox works to bring dignity and education to a Hispanic community on South Bend’s west side.  **6:30 p.m. show only.

The Documentarian (10:00)

Nick Andert, Krissy Estrada
Director becomes subject in this glimpse into the L.A. life of Patrick Creadon, one of the country’s most successful documentary filmmakers.  **9:30 p.m. show only.

Welcome To Hell (12:33)

Claire Musica, Elise Yahner
Three hours away from the Notre Dame campus, it’s a cold day in Hell….Michigan, that is. (12:33)

Meet The Pedens (8:49)

Patrick Montalvo, Lora O’Shaughnessy
…or "How I Learned to Live in a Missile Silo". A couple in Topeka, Kansas calls a decomissioned 1960s atomic missile silo, Home Sweet Home.  (online only)

Gametime (10:10)

Clayton Smith, Rich Molina
A look behind the scenes at the NBC broadcast of Notre Dame football. (online only)

Knights of Cyberspace (8:16)

Mychal Stanley, Dylan McEnerney
A cybercafe in Mishawaka is the scene of a nightly Warcraft ritual. (online only)

Routine (4:19)

John Harig, Erin Zacek
A ballet dancer looks at herself in the mirror and doesn’t like who’s looking back.  (online only)

The Jazz Bar (2:37)

Paul Dechant, Marie Wicht
Be careful who you buy that drink for at the bar.  (online only)

Lyndsay (4:03)

Hank Voge, Michelle Carlisle
Unnerving and unrelenting, life’s crossroads chase a recent graduate. (online only)