2011 Notre Dame Student Film Festival

22nd Annual
Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
January 20, 21, 22, 2011, 6:30-9:30 PM
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

A campus tradition like no other, the festival screens films made by undergraduates during the past year as class projects. These students study the art of filmmaking in advanced, intermediate, and introductory film and video production courses taught in the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre. All films are shot on location and often feature the acting talents of Notre Dame students and faculty.

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Featured Films (approx running time 112 minutes)

Rick & Ilsa (7:16)

Krissy Estrada, Dan Moore
The afternoon matinee of Bogart and Bergman brings together two dreamers in this homage to the classic film. 

True (5:08)

Dylan McEnerney, Allen Murphy
A sleek noir thriller about a guy, a girl, and the other guy. 

Sacrifice Hits (6:08)

Viviana Kim, Patrick Berry
An elderly man's visit to his field of dreams brings back old memories and turns up some new lessons. Featuring the voice of Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C. 

The Elect (19:18)

Erin Zacek, Dan Moore
An unflinching, honest, and at times stunning documentary look inside the daily lives of the members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, whose mantra "God Hates America", has made them perhaps the most hated church in the country.  Finalist at the Angelus Student Film Festival, The film premiered with two screenings at the 2011 Los Angeles Film FestivalFilm Independent wrote that it was "the most interesting and entertaining film of the night." According to Hammer to Nail reviewer Paul Sbrizzi, "The Elect delivers an experience akin to having tea with Satan in his living room."  

On/Off (2:08)

Kurt Zhuang
A lonely television offers more than just the regular cable lineup. 

Rosa y Luna (8:40)

Michelle Carlisle Lee, Marie Wicht, Javi Zubizarreta
Strong and determined, a single mother weathers the male dominated workplace to maintain the bond with her newborn child.

The Art of the Chase (4:25)

Pat Toland, Kelsie Kiley
A playful pickup line turns into a game of cat and mouse between a waitress and a patron. 

The Zebra's Stripes (4:18)

Rob Schaus, Duncan Smith
A quirky, clever re-telling of a classic tale as seen through the eyes of a child. 

Picking Up America (16:18)

Michael Burke, Marie Wicht
An inspirational documentary about four determined activists who head out on foot from east coast to west, collecting thousands of pounds of trash along their two year pilgrimage to “Pick Up America”. Official Selection of Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Reality Bytes Independent Film Festival. Winner of Social Change Award at the 2011 Ivy Film Festival

Clutch (6:24)

Michael Burke, Latifah Cato, Dylan McEnerney, Allen Murphy
Twists, turns, and a tire squealing car chase. 

Offering (3:38)

Duncan Smith
Poetic and spiritual, a tribute to the soldier off to war. 

Alice in Nightmareland (4:42)

Andrew Cheng, Zachary Smith
Weird things happen when you fall asleep at 3am on the 10th floor of the library. 

Five Months, Three Weeks (6:35)

Paul Dechant, Clayton Smith
Dealing with pregnancy on her own, a mother-to-be learns to cope. 

Searching For Dillinger (7:07)

Tom Demetrio, John Harig
Two students travel to Monterey, Indiana determined to uncover the secrets of a notorious criminal’s past, but end up with a Geraldo-like exposé, needling today’s brand of TV journalism. 

Pixel (9:10)

Nick Andert, Jacob Griswold
A high tech firm sifts through the pixels to sort out doctored photos and videos and find the hacker responsible.