2012 Notre Dame Student Film Festival

23rd Annual 
Notre Dame Student Film Festival 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
January 19, 20, 21, 2012, 6:30 and 9:30 PM
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Total run time: 105 minutes

A campus tradition like no other, the wildly popular Notre Dame Student Film Festival screens films made by ND undergraduates during the past year as class projects. These students study the art of filmmaking in advanced, intermediate, and introductory film and video production courses taught in the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre. All films are shot on location and often feature the acting talents of Notre Dame students and faculty. 

Over the years, the Festival has debuted numerous films which later traveled the national film festival circuit. Last year's student documentary THE ELECT (Erin Zacek, Dan Moore) was an official selection of the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival as well as the internationally prestigious Angelus Student Film Festival in Hollywood, where it was chosen as one of six documentary finalists from 527 entries covering 180 film schools. 

PICKING UP AMERICA (Marie Wicht, Michael Burke) from the 2011 Notre Dame Student Film Festival was an official selection of ten national film festivals in the past year, the Social Change Award winner at the Ivy Film Festival, and featured on both ABC and NBC national news broadcasts.

Alumni filmmakers whose work first debuted at the Notre Dame Student Film Festival include:

  • Peter Richardson (2011 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Award winner, How To Die in Oregon)
  • Jeremy Rall (Music video director for such artists as Ludacris, Jay-Z, R. Kelly ... Winner of 2002 MVPA Best Hip-Hop Music Video)
  • M-K Kennedy (Vice President of Production at NBC Universal)
  • John Hibey (Producer of the 2012 Sundance Film Selection Fishing Without Nets)
  • Amy Winter (General Manager of TLC Networks)
  • Lydia Antonini (Director of Digital Development for Warner Brothers)
  • Andy Kris (sound mixer, The Wire, Treme, Blue Bloods)
  • Dave Chamberlin (Producer of TV series, The Confession starring Kiefer Sutherland)
  • Jubba Seyyid (Executive in Charge of Production, TV One Network)

2012 Notre Dame Student Film Festival - watch now on iTunes

King of the Park (7:37)

Marty Flavin, Megan Kozak
Come one, come all to Ye Battle of the Dueling Park Performers. 

Worn Souls (5:47)

Siobhan Martinez, Jon Simpkins
A touching and bittersweet tale of a couple’s journey through love and loss. 

The Talker  (2:52)

Will Thwaites, Ryan Taylor, Jimmy Long
On the court and in the classroom, women's basketball player Brittany Mallory gets her message across. 

Cassette  (5:49)

Kurt Zhuang, Rob Schaus
Isolated in a post apocalyptic world, a lone soldier has one thing to hold onto. 

Roundabout  (8:20) 

Will Thwaites, Alissa Ott
The pressures of a child custody hearing take their toll on a mother trying to keep it together. 

Valentrippin  (4:24)

Sara McGuirk
A modern day Chaplin tries some campus romance the old school way.

Project Hopeful  (12:20)

Kelsie Kiley, Grace Johnson
A woman in Illinois with seven biological children has chosen to double the size of her family in a most inspiring way, and she helps others to do so as well. WINNER- Best Picture- College Competition, 2012 Re:Image Film Festival. Official Selection- Reality Bytes Film Fest, Ivy Film FestivalNew Hope Film Fest, LA Awareness Festival.

Flip  (5:10)

Chris Silvestri, Kathleen Bracke
A solitary, rhythmic day turns on a flip as business finds art for a fleeting moment. 

Virus  (8:15)

Kelsie Kiley, Sean O’Rourke
Orwell and Metropolis meet Notre Dame. 

Krumnow vs. Krumnow  (10:31)

Will Thwaites, Deanna Abrash
The mayor of a tiny town in Ohio seeks re-election, only to be opposed by his laid back brother. 

Look Away  (6:33)

Luis Ibarra, Brendan Fitzpatrick
Mind games haunt a student searching for the lady in red. 

Miller’s Vets  (9:17)

Ryan Taylor, Chris Parr, Jimmy Long
A band of local military veterans with a common dilemma find strength in each other. 

Torn  (3:53)

Blake Avery
Student. Woman. Study. Party.

Soles  (6:32)

Collin Erker, Nicole Timmerman
A love story told from the bottom up. 

Some Serious Work  (3:07)

Chris Parr, Deanna Abrash
Kat Rodriguez is one of the many Notre Dame women who’ve made boxing their sport of choice. 

Triple Threat  (4:09)

Grace Carini, Caroline Maroney
A superbad roomie ignites a superbad dorm room argument.

Pushed (online only at itunes.nd.edu) (8:37)

Jon Baeckstrom, Pat Berry
A lawyer's work lie crosses paths with his role as a parent. 

I Do This For You (online only at itunes.nd.edu)  (8:50)

Latifah Cato, Janice James
When her father falls upon hard times, a daughter tries to do the right thing. 

Amazing Experience (online only at itunes.nd.edu)  (4:09)

Duncan Smith, Andrew Cheng
Action thriller or playground time, it's all kids play.