2012-2013 FTT Theatre Season

ND Theatre Now

September 27-October 7
Philbin Studio Theatre

$10 General Admission; $8 ND Faculty/Staff; $8 Senior; $5 Student

Our season begins by showcasing exciting new works created by Notre Dame theatre students in the Regis Philbin Studio Theatre. ND Theatre Now features student-driven productions that can be more experimental in design with a focus on collaboration and creativity. The Philbin "black box" theatre was designed to provide opportunities for students to work on cutting-edge, avant-garde performance pieces and any kind of dramatic performance requiring minimal stage support. Using variable seating and sophisticated lighting and sound systems, students may exercise all facets of theatre including management, direction, production, and other technical and artistical aspects. Come enjoy exploring, with our students, what makes this piece both intimate and imaginative.  

The Servant of Two Masters

Written by Carlo Goldoni
Directed by Grant Mudge

November 7-11
Decio Mainstage Theatre
$15 General; $12 Faculty/Staff; $12 Senior; $7 Student

Mayhem erupts in Venice with a wily servant's scheme to double his wages, but as his two jobs converge, hilarity ensues! Through all of the hijinks, we see ourselves in the characters - the parents, employees, children, lovers, and clowns - Goldon's 1743 masterwork. Inspired by the music and physical comedy of Italian Commedia dell'Arte, Servant of Two Masters in turn served as the inspiration for the Tony Award- winning hit, One Man, Two Guvnors. Directed by Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director of the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival, this production promises to deliver a night of laughter as it takes aim at the very heart of what makes us human.

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Shadows of the Reef

Written and directed by Anton Juan

February 21-March 3
Philbin Studio Theatre
$15 General ; $12 Faculty/Staff; $12 Senior; $7 Student

Inspired by Good Friday observances in the Philippines, where blood-soaked flagellants walk the streets and towns hold annual crucifixions, Shadows of the Reef is set in a poor fishing village, where young boys are recruited by Japanese trawlers to dive deep into the sea.   There they pound on the coral to agitate the fish - then swim swiftly to the surface before they too are trapped in the trawlers' massive nets.  After a mother loses her young son to a watery death in the nets, she is tormented by guilt.  Believing that she can find redemption through suffering, she pleads for the opportunity to sacrifice herself in the village's traditional Good Friday crucifixion.  But is she - a woman and a prostitute - worthy of this dubious "honor"?  

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Intimate Apparel

Written by Lynn Nottage
Directed by Kevin Dreyer

April 17-21
Decio Mainstage Theatre
$15 General; $12 Faculty/Staff; $12 Senior; $7 Student

Lower Manhattan, 1905.  In her boardinghouse, Esther, a 35-year-old Black seamstress, painstakingly crafts delicate undergarments for clientele ranging from young brides to wealthy matrons to ladies of the night.  As Esther yearns to escape her life of drudgery and loneliness, letters from a distant admirer offer the promise of love and a future.  But for a woman like Esther, constrained by the circumstances of her race, gender, class, and age, are such dreams merely wishful thinking?