Gary Sieber

Gary Sieber headshot

Adjunct Instructor
B.A., American Studies, Notre Dame, 1981

Phone: 574-631-4206 (ND Office); 574-370-9306 (Cell)

Area of specialization:  Broadcast Journalism (TV, radio, electronic media)

Classes: Broadcast Journalism, Ethics in Journalism

Gary Sieber brings an eclectic professional background to the study of electronic media.  In the broadcast world, he has been a radio and TV news director, managing editor, operations manager, program director, reporter, assignment editor, FCC regulatory compliance director, and 1st Amendment specialist. Sieber also supervised research and writing of the PBS documentary series, Today’s Life Choices, and currently works on-air in news and meteorology at WNDU-TV (NBC) and WNIT-TV Public Television. In the business world, Sieber has served as a corporate chief marketing officer, and also founded Lucid Media, LLC, a media advertising and scriptwriting company.

Sieber has twice won acclaim from the New York Festivals for his documentary writing, and has a pair of Gabriel Awards and a number of other industry accolades to his credit as well.  Sieber frequently donates his time to charitable and philanthropic organizations, serving as master of ceremonies for numerous events.

As co-anchor of NewsCenter 16 Saturday Morning on WNDU-TV, Sieber’s weather poetry (“The Weather Could Be Verse”) has become something of a South Bend area pop-cultural landmark; akin, some would say, to the short, witty musings of Ogden Nash… or perhaps even the Burma Shave rhyming signposts along American highways in years gone by.  An example:  “I hugged my plants this morning, / As is my Earth Day practice, / And I was feeling peace with nature… / Until I hugged my cactus.”

Gary Sieber on Facebook; Twitter: @GarySieber