FTT Senior Thesis Presentations


Location: Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (View on map )

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Joe Kuhns, “Bison By Sundown
Advisor: Jeff Spoonhower

Mirek Stolee, “True Ending: Play and Replay in 999”
Advisor: Matthew Payne

Liz Hynes, “Mind the Gap: Crossing Cultural Divides Between British & American Television Comedy”
Advisor: Christine Becker

Crystal Avila, “‘Recordar es Vivir, To remember is to live:’ An Inside View on the Meaning of Memory, Suffering and Family in Debajo de los árboles
Advisor: Olivier Morel

Tanner Cipriano, “The Sock of Sisyphus: Using Absurdism to Reflect Ourselves and Our Society”
Advisor: Jim Collins

Cassidy Leyendecker, “Escapism in Theatre: Exploring the Life and Work of Tennessee Williams”
Advisor: Siiri Scott

Moira Hamilton, “As of Now: Narrative Approaches to Tackling Title IX and Dating Violence”
Advisor: Bill Donaruma

All are welcome - no tickets required.