Round Table: Contemporary Chilean Theatre: Female Playwrights in the 21st Century


Location: 211 DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Chilean Playwriting in the 21st Century

Mesa Redonda: Teatro Chileno Contemporáneo: Las dramaturgas del Siglo 21

Please join us for a bilingual, roundtable discussion exploring contemporary female playwrights in Chile with Dr. Inés Stranger and Dr. Coca Duarte, visiting theater scholars from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile School of Theater, and Dr. Anne García-Romero, Associate Professor of Theatre. The roundtable discussion will begin with brief presentations by each of the panelists on recent works by Chilean female playwrights, followed by a discussion. The presentations delivered in Spanish will be accompanied by an English translation.

The panel is sponsored by the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre and the Luksic Foundation.