Radio Plays: Projects from The Art and Performance of Voice Acting


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Radio Plays Social 1

Students in Siiri Scott’s new course, The Art and Performance of Voice Acting, created radio plays as their first assignment.  Tasked with creating mini recording studios in dorms, closets, and blanket forts, each group created foley sound effects, chose their visuals, and edited these short contemporary audio dramas.  Due to current restrictions, students rehearsed and recorded remotely - with the ultimate goal of sounding like they were in the same room.

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Excerpts from

All Sales Final by Charles West
Like Friends by Lior Zalmanson
Leaf on the Wind by Cynthia Uhrich and Jen Tuder
The Closing Argument by Allan Staples
Bad Cop, Worse Cop by Liam Kuhn
Epitaph by Dana Schwartz