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Anthropologist and Film Professor Launch Innovative Multimedia Book on Irish Islands

Bill Donaruma filming on Inishark


The last Irish residents of Inishark left their coastal island homes in 1960, leaving behind an island eight miles into the Atlantic Ocean that never had electricity, phones, or cars.

It’s coming to life again, though, thanks to new technology—a multimedia book project by Notre Dame anthropologist Ian Kuijt, filmmaker William Donaruma ’89, alumni Ryan Lash ’10 and Katie Shakour ’09, and Tommy Burke, a local Irish historian-archaeologist.  Read more

At Home with the Irish - First Time Fans

A series of short films directed by ND alumni and produced by FTT faculty member Ted Mandell with the assistance of FTT students, First Time Fans tells the Notre Dame story through the eyes of those experiencing a Fighting Irish home football game for the first time.  See all six short films at WatchND.