A classic Notre Dame story: How the extraordinary saga of Father Hesburgh was brought to life by 19 A&L students and alumni

Author: Carrie Gates

Hesburgh Poster

Hesburgh Poster 1200

He was a sought-after adviser to presidents and popes. A diplomat who bridged political, ideological, and racial divides. A visionary. A leader. A faithful priest.

Hesburgh, a critically acclaimed documentary to be released nationwide on May 3, tells the story of Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. — reaching far beyond the borders of the Notre Dame campus to tell an epic American saga.

But the making of Hesburgh is very much a Notre Dame story.

Documentary filmmaker Patrick Creadon ’89 has a history of hiring Notre Dame students and alumni — and sought out no less than 19 of them to help create Hesburgh.

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Originally published by Carrie Gates at al.nd.edu on April 30, 2019.