Siiri Scott acting class

FTT offers a hands-on curriculum, combined with a holistic, broad-based approach and a very high degree of student-faculty interaction. The coursework provides a scholarly and a creative context for students in any discipline, as well as those students seeking intensive preparation for advanced study in Film, Television, or Theatre. 

The department offers a 10-course, 30-credit FTT major offering three areas of concentration – Film, Television, and Theatre — as well as an interdisciplinary minor in Musical Theatre. Curricula in all three concentrations integrate creative and practical production courses with the study of history and theory.

Each concentration is based on a similar formula of core courses and electives. The guidelines for organizing the electives are different for each concentration. In order to accommodate the complexities of student schedules, there is no specific order or semester in which the core courses must be taken.

3D design & animation studio

When declaring FTT as a major, each student meets with an FTT faculty advisor to develop an individualized plan of study based on his/her interests.  Students may take courses in multiple concentrations if appropriate for their goals. This allows for maximum flexibility and customization for each student.

The FTT Major at a Glance

What can I do with a major in Film, Television, and Theatre?