Undergraduate Major

Why major in FTT?

As a major in Film, Television, and Theatre you will learn about vital arts and entertainment across various media. You will have an opportunity to blend scholarly inquiry with hands-on artistic and production work. You will delve deeper into films, TV shows, and plays, discover stories from across the globe, and learn about perspectives and cultures different from your own. You will study the history of film, TV, and theatre as well as individual films, TV shows, and plays. You will learn about directors and writers, and different approaches to making film, TV, and theatre. You will study canonical works and lesser-known ones. You can learn cinematography, lighting, set design, acting, sound design, animation, and other creative skills. You can try your hand at writing plays and screenplays, or even develop a new musical.

As an FTT major, you will have small discussion classes and lots of opportunities for experience with high-level equipment. You will work in collaboration with your peers. You will develop close relationships with faculty mentors through classes and work on outside productions and projects.

Ashley Cavuto Web 2021

Blending the psychological and visual natures of literature and cinema was by far one of the most fulfilling parts of writing this story, and I have my FTT education to thank for providing me with the tools to bring medium into mystery. —Ashley Cavuto '21, author of mystery novel The Dust That Danced (New Degree Press, 2021).

Opportunities for FTT Majors

FTT Majors have many opportunities to explore film, television and theatre beyond classes. You can audition for plays and musicals. You can join clubs related to your interests. You can show your film at the annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival or join the Film Society. As a senior, you can do a thesis and write a research paper, make a film, write a play or screenplay, direct a play, design a set, create costumes, and more. 


Learn about the 94% of FTT majors who found full-time employment in film, TV, theatre or other careers, enrolled in graduate school, or entered service programs within six months of graduation.

How to get started in FTT

FTT does not interview, audition, or review portfolios for prospective undergraduate students. Any undergraduate student admitted to the University of Notre Dame is welcome to enroll in the major. 

Have questions?

Are you a prospective student who wants to learn more? Email ftt@nd.edu

Want to enroll in the major? Contact Michael Kackman, Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), at mkackman@nd.edu.