Undergraduate Minors

Minor in Sport, Media, and Culture (SMAC)

The minor in Sport, Media, and Culture (SMAC) invites students to examine the cultural politics of sport from a scholarly point of view, and to practice them with an eye towards social justice and the dignity of every human being. 

The SMAC minor offers a diverse array of courses and internship opportunities. Participation is limited but students from any major are welcome to apply.  The minor is administered through the Department of American Studies.


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Minor in Musical Theatre 

The goal of the musical theatre minor is to engage students in both an intellectual and practical introduction to musical theatre. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to the craft while offering opportunities for you to follow your own interests in the art form, both in practice and in theory. It is not a voice-centric minor - you have the ability to take classes that are aligned with your interests. You can structure your program around singing and acting, or around songwriting, or work as conductor/impresario, or stage directing, or scholarship, etc. Admission to introductory classes is not based on performance ability.


Minor in Theatre

Woman in white dress sits sewing a garment, while two men speak to each other in the background.

The minor in Theatre provide a focused course of study for students in a wide variety of majors across campus who also want to pursue their interests in theatre, but who do not have the time to complete the coursework required for an FTT major. Students can assemble their minor from a mix of courses in performance, design, production, theatre history, and criticism.