Undergraduate Minor

Photo from a performance of Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening, 2018

Minor in Musical Theatre 

The goal of the musical theatre minor is to engage students in both an intellectual and practical introduction to musical theatre. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to the craft while offering opportunities for you to follow your own interests in the art form, both in practice and in theory. It is not a voice-centric minor - you have the ability to take classes that are aligned with your interests. You can structure your program around singing and acting, or around songwriting, or work as conductor/impresario, or stage directing, or scholarship, etc. Admission to introductory classes is not based on performance ability.


Past productions include: 

Musical Theatre Lab

Photo from the production of Stupid Humans
Stupid Humans, 2019

The MT Lab is a program that curates, workshops, and produces new musicals. Through classes and instruction, you learn to analyze structures of existing musicals, begin writing your own, then pitch your own show for possible production. If the show is selected, the musical enters into the workshop phase of the Lab, preparing the piece for rehearsal, followed by a full production. The Lab process is an opportunity for students to step into artistic leadership roles while experiencing the process of creating new work at a high level.

Past Lab musicals: