FTT Produces Video

Author: Dillon Bailey


The Department of Film, Television, and Theatre has turned its cameras on its own students and faculty to capture what it means to major in film, television, or theatre at Notre Dame.

“What I see when I watch this video,” says Department Chairperson Donald Crafton, “is the unbridled optimism and assuredness that distinguishes Notre Dame student from others whom I’ve taught. They’ve mastered the production techniques necessary for their creative work, they know the methods and the resources for scholarship in the performing arts, and they know that there is a network of alumni out there to help them with career choices.

“There also are gifted, well-connected instructors available to advise them if they are curious about continuing their education in graduate school,” he adds. “Anyone watching this short video will be struck by these students’ enthusiasm, creativity, and sheer joy of learning.”

Originally published by Dillon Bailey at ftt.nd.edu on June 13, 2010.