FTT Senior Thesis Presentations


Location: Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (View on map )

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Tommy Anderson, “Writing Chasing the Midnight Sun
Advisor: Ted Mandell

Alex Joyce, La Victoria
Advisors:  Anne García-Romero & Kevin Dreyer

John Salazar, “Taste in American Film Culture: The Interplay between the Mainstream Industry, Art Cinema, and the International Film Festival Phenomenon”
Advisor: Jim Collins

Jean Carlo Yunén Aróstegui, The Marble Floor
Advisor: Anne García-Romero

Ashley Knipp, “The Magic of Immersion: A Temporal and Cultural Analysis of Disney Theme Park Design”
Advisor: Susan Ohmer

Quint Mediate, "Integrating Acting Techniques into Songs”
Advisors: Siiri Scott & Carys Kresny

Liza Connor, “A Day At BHMA”
Advisor: Ted Mandell

Sam Squeri, “Exploring the Role of Gender in Musical Theatre and its Impact on Audience Perception through The Last Five Years
Advisors: Susan Ohmer & Anton Juan

All are welcome - no tickets required.