Auditions for Non-Singing Roles - AN OLD FAMILY RECIPE

Location: Virtual Submission

An Old Family Recipe 

[a new musical]

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Veronica Mansour
Based on a story by Gabriel Krut and Veronica Mansour

Directed by Matt Hawkins

We are seeking 3 non-singing actors for the following roles:

FRED the Mailman, ROBERT the office boss, and TONI’S MOM.

We will rehearse virtually in January, in person in February, and then film in March, while adhering to COVID protocols. The final edited performance will be broadcast on-line May 2021. 

Performers of all races, ethnicities, and gender identities, as well as students with disabilities, are encouraged to audition. All majors welcome! Auditions not restricted to FTT majors or Musical Theatre minors - open to all ND/SMC/HCC students, faculty, and staff.

Audition: Please upload a video of you reading any of the three sides (see below) of your choice. You can have a scene partner off camera to read the other lines if you like. If that is not available to you, then you can submit a video of you speaking only your lines.

Fred side
Robert side
Mom's side

Upload audition video here

If you have already submitted a singing audition you are automatically considered for the non-singing roles.



An Old Family Recipe follows the story of Toni, a young woman struggling with depression and anxiety. When Toni’s grandmother dies, she is left with only uncertainty, especially when a recipe book is left on her doorstep.  Toni must learn to navigate relationships in her life (both past and present) in order to discover who she really is, and the life she wants to lead. With the help of her therapist, her energetic coworkers, a quirky mailman, and her *cough* dead ancestors who show up at her door, Toni must learn how to make connections with people, making hard choices that move her toward the life she wants to lead when she most feels like running away.  An Old Family Recipe is a musical about learning how to connect with people…about facing others when we’re at our worst, but more than that, about facing ourselves. How can we all, during the times when we feel the most alone, open our eyes to see what is right in front of us?  How can we stop running away from what we have to offer, and move towards the people we have always had the potential to be?

The script will be available for callbacks.

Character Breakdown/List:

Toni: (alto/mezzo) late 20’s, sarcastic, pessimistic, but has a big heart.  Looking for a “cure” for her anxiety/depression, and desperately wants to connect with people but doesn’t know how. 

Dr. Barwick: (alto/mezzo) Toni’s therapist.  Late 40’s, calm, well-mannered, wise.  Knows Toni better than Toni knows herself. 

Kate: (soprano) late 20’s, whimsical, optimistic, kind, vibrant, bubbly, extra.  Toni’s coworker, in love with Travis. 

Carter: (tenor) late 20’s, heartthrob at work, kind, polite, responsible. Been through sh*t of his own.  Toni’s love interest. 

Travis: (tenor) late 20’s, also Toni’s coworker.  Nosy, strange, charismatic, loud, loves food. In his own world. Likes Kate. 

Robert: (bass) late 30’s, Toni’s boss.  Eternally frustrated with his underlings, thinks his job is way more important than it is. Has a good heart, but comes across as all business. 

Tania: (alto/mezzo) early 30’s, Toni’s coworker. Out for blood, bitchy, selfish, gossipy.  Wants to rise up the ranks at work.

Small Suzie: (mezzo/soprano) early 30’s, Toni’s coworker.  Dumb, oblivious, strange. Also wants to rise up the ranks at work.

Fred: (baritone) late 30’s/early 40’s, mailman in Toni’s apartment building. Newly a dad--has young kids. Cheerful, chatty, full of energy, always overstays his welcome.  

Grandma/ Nonna Sofia: (alto) Toni’s grandmother, comes back from the dead in her late 20’s.  No-nonsense, fiery, spunky, caring.  Determined to help Toni get her life on track. 

Grandpa Anthony: (baritone) Toni’s grandfather, also back from the dead in late 20’s, kind, patient, caring, calm. 

Uncle Rico: (tenor) Toni’s “bro” of an uncle, also back from the dead in late 20’s.  Chill, laid-back, good heart. 

Aunt Gigi: (soprano) Toni’s aunt, also back from the dead in late 20’s.  Caring, motherly, soft. 

Cousin Valentina: (mezzo) Toni’s cousin, also back from the dead in late 20’s, gossipy, know-it-all, fun, colorful.

Angelo: (bass) Family friend of Toni’s family, also back from the dead in late 20’s, unafraid to say what’s on his mind, hilarious, charismatic, larger than life. 

Toni’s Mom: (spoken) late 50’s, trying to be a good mom but not really present in Toni’s life.  Just lost her mom, Grandma Sofia. 

Below are 4 sample music demos from the show with the show’s creator voicing the parts. These songs are not audition material. They are simply to give all those auditioning a feel for the show.

The Signs sung Dr. Barwick, Toni and ensemble 

Maybe Not sung by Kate

The Ini Song sung by Grandma

Things Could Go Wrong sung by Toni and Grandma

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