Visual Cultures Workshop: This Presentation Is No Longer Available: Why You Should Care About the Legality of Fan-Made Content


Location: Zoom

Benjamin Perry headshot

Presented by Benjamin Perry (ND Law, 2021)

Recent technological advancements have caused a new paradigm to emerge in the media landscape where content is no longer simply created but is recreated, mixed-up, and made into something new and unique. Despite this “new normal” gaining more and more cultural traction, copyright laws have failed to keep up and no longer reflect the intended goals of copyright as espoused in the Constitution. In this presentation, which is based on his forthcoming paper “Why Heather Was Right: The Legal Implications of Convergence Culture on Modern Copyright Law,” Benjamin Perry argues a need for changing the copyright system in light of cultural shifts in America over the past 20 years. Additionally, his workshop presentation will also highlight some potential non-legal solutions that could be implemented.

Please email Matthew Payne for a Zoom invite.