JUST SHOW/UP: The No-Experience Necessary Turbo Theatre Challenge (Day 2)


Location: Philbin Studio Theatre, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (View on map )

You’re invited to make some FUN Theatre. Bring your roommate, make time to create, and celebrate with Notre Dame Film, Television, and Theatre at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.  Fuel up on free pizza with interesting people and make something – maybe something amazing – about issues that mean something. Your goal: make one sensational ten-minute piece of original theatre in two days and perform it for a live audience.

Welcome to the Fall 2022 No-Experience-Necessary TurboTheatre Challenge weekend.

On Saturday you’ll receive your guidelines and your collaborators. 
From Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon, you and your team will tell your story, grab your materials, find some space, and make your 10-minute play. 
Sunday evening:  showtime and afterparty.

The event will include food, support from ND theatre faculty, space to rehearse, materials to enhance your production, and time to explore theatre in its freshest form.

Projected Schedule for the Weekend

Saturday, September 3
12:30 pm   Meet and greet/find your team
1:00 pm     Pizza and parameters
1:30 pm     Break out with your group
3:00 pm     Meet to determine tech needs (And snacks!) 
4:00 pm     2nd break out
5:45 pm     Check-in and release to work on your own

Sunday, September 4
2:00 pm    Reconvene/group check-in/missing pieces
3:00 pm    Determine performance order/organize backstage
3:30 pm    Dress rehearsal
5:00 pm    Dinner break (Food provided)
7:00 pm    Performance


How do I sign up?

Complete this (very short) form!

What if I want to do a 10-minute turbo musical?


Do you mean it about the pizza?

Yes. Also the burritos, doughnuts...and etc.

But what if I don't want to act?

Write. Direct. Make stuff. Stage manage. Compose. Design. Run lights. Style. Brainstorm. There's a place for you.

But what if I want to include spoken word or poetry?

Sounds good.

Or have a dance component?

You bet.

Or include sports?


Or don't know what I want?

You'll figure it out. We'll help.

Is there really free food?

Here's another way to say it: Art needs fuel.

I want to incorporate social media.

Fine. And your question is....?

What if I've never done this before.

Great. Seriously.

Will I be embarrassed?

Maybe. But you'll probably be proud, amused, and tired.

Will professors tell me what to do?

Professors will help you do what you want to do really well.

Is this really possible?

Yes. It's not actually our idea. Super fast theatre festivals happen all over the country.

Why do people do this?

It's fun to make something out of nothing. It's challenging. It's teamwork. The audience loves it. Also, free food.

Are you sure you want me?

We want anyone and everyone who is looking for something fun to do.

Other questions? Contact:

Prof. Marcus Stephens, Event Coordinator
Prof. Kevin Dreyer, Director of Theatre