Minor in Musical Theatre

Little Shop of Horrors November 2015Little Shop of Horrors, November 2015

The goal of the musical theatre minor is to engage students in both an intellectual and practical introduction to musical theatre. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to the craft while offering opportunities for students to follow their own interests in the art form, both in practice and in theory. It is not a voice-centric minor - students have the ability to take classes that are aligned with their interests. Some students structure their program around singing and acting, but others around songwriting, or work as conductor/impresario, or stage directing, or scholarship, etc. Admission to introductory classes is not based on performance ability.

This is a five course (15 credit) minor. Every student is required to take the following:

Cabaret November 2013Cabaret, November 2013

1. 3 credits Musical Theatre History

2. 3 credits of musical theatre coursework in FTT

3. 3 credits of musical theatre coursework in Music

4. 3 credits of musical theatre coursework in either FTT or Music

5. 3 credits capstone project

Want to know more?
Reach out to Matt Hawkins, the Head of Musical Theatre, at mhawkin2@nd.edu.

Interdisciplinary Minor In Musical Theatre - PDF

Spring Awakening April 2018Spring Awakening, April 2018